Workshift: “Change how we work and make the world smaller.”

My first impression about Workshift

When I first came across the new term Workshift through facebook, I had no idea about it. It was the Japanese words appeared in the post grabbed my attention and curiosity. I clicked in, read through the introduction about Workshift and then, I realized that it would be an opportunity for me to contribute something with my profession. Thus I pre-registered to obtain more information in the future. I recommended Workshift to my friend as both of us learnt Japanese language. She was so interested in it and pre-registered too.

So what is Workshift? Let me introduce it to you.

Workshift by its word, simply means SHIFTing the way of WORKing in this new global age. It is a brand new business model, providing a network communication platform for clients and freelancers. It allows client to search for people with specific skills all around the world to get the job done online. In another words, client could gather people with different skills to form a TEAM and get a project done through Workshift. On the other hand, freelancers will have great opportunity to perform their skills through online job, either in competition form or project form. At the same time, they could promote themselves and their skill to the world. This is what they called it ‘GLOBAL’.

Workshift = Win-win condition

The most interesting part is that Workshift handles a wide variety of jobs! Experts in all kind of fields that you may think of are there all around the world while networking is making the world smaller and smaller. Workshift is now integrating these two ideas into this business model.

Every job done would be paid. I would say that Workshift gives freelancer a very reasonable pay after each job completion. Do not worry about the pay. It’s about the passion to perform with your skills.

My feeling about Workshift

I feel grateful to know about Workshift, and I am ready to work through Workshift. In fact, I’m now writing for Workshift! This is my first task. I feel great to write about it. I believe that there will be more jobs coming up. I would definitely recommend Workshift to more friends if they are interested in online job! Thank you Workshift. I wish that this platform will keep on growing larger and firmer in the future. Congratulations for the opening of Workshift.

Lastly, let me end with the motto of Workshift Solutions Co., Ltd., which is:
“Change how we work and make the world smaller.”

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